Friday, 26 December 2014

‘Channo’ girl: Veena’s victories

KARACHI: The year has just begun and Pakistan’s very own controversy queen, also known as the “Channo” girl now, Veena Malik has already added a myriad feathers to her cap. India has turned out to be the land of opportunities for Malik, who has received tremendous amount of publicity — both good and bad — since she started her career in India with reality show “Bigg Boss” season 4 in 2010.
After two years of persistent hard work, Malik now has her hands full of big projects and she feels that she is finally getting rewarded for her efforts. “From walking the ramp during Jaipur Fashion Week to shooting for my second reality show ‘Swayamvar’ which will be aired next month, life is as adventurous as a rollercoaster ride these days. I’m overwhelmed by the number of projects I’m getting here,” says Malik.
Strutting her stuff
The actor, who represented fashion brand Libas at the Jaipur Fashion Week, states, “I have always loved the ramp. I received an overwhelming response from the crowd at fashion week. As I walked down the ramp, people started screaming my name. I just loved walking the ramp for designer Riyaz Gangji.”
A music maestro?
Malik adds that just because she is doing fashion shows and television series doesn’t mean she is not giving time to her singing career which was launched with her song “Channo” from the film Gali Gali Chor Hai. “After the success of ‘Channo’ I have become more confident about my singing abilities. I will be singing more and will be releasing more songs. I do not have any plans to release an album for now, but I have already recorded three tracks, while five more are in the pipeline.”
Putting the gift of gab to good use
The multifaceted diva, who also tried her luck at cricket commentary during the Asia Cup 2012 in Bangladesh, says, “Asia Cup disappointed me to a great extent. I had thought India versus Pakistan would be a happening match but sadly we lost. Then again, I was looking forward to India and Pakistan playing against each other in the finals but that too did not happen. So yes, I was extremely upset the way Asia Cup turned out.”
The Bollywood saga never ends
The actor says that she is also unhappy that her upcoming film Mumbai 125 Kilometer’s shooting has come to an end. “Working with Hemant Madhukar was an amazing experience. I think this film gave me a chance to grow as an actor. We had several thrilling moments during the shoot which is why it is going to be one of my most memorable projects. Many scenes of Mumbai 125 Kilometer were shot in the dark and we even shot at strange and exciting locations like the jungle and the graveyard.”
Where the wrapping up of one venture has left her sad and nostalgic, Malik is also excited to start shooting for Supermodel in June. “I am impatiently waiting for the shooting to begin.” Apart from the Indian projects, Malik also has some British projects lined up, details of which she said, “it’s too early to disclose”.
Coming back to Pakistan
Even though she is at the zenith of her career, Malik says she still misses home and wants to visit her family in Pakistan. “I really miss Pakistan and I’m dying to be with my family but it seems a little impossible this year as a lot of projects are lined up one after the other.”

Veena Malik To Play Vampire In Mumbai 125Km

After her bold and sexy appearances in Bollywood, Pakistani drama queen Veena Malik will play a terrifying vampire in her latest Bollywood film ‘Mumbai 125Km’.
Veena Malik seems to believe in versatility for which she strives to get in variety of roles that goes from sexiness of Channo to the horror of spooky ghost. Yes, Veena Malik has geared to appear as the strong lead in Telugu filmmaker Hemant Madhukar’s latest Bollywood horror movie ‘Mumbai 125Km’.
‘Mumbai 125Km‘ is a second original Hindi 3D Movie. At the last day of its shoot actress Veena Malik with her co-star Karanveer Bohra and team, was very excited.
“Mumbai 125 Kms is a very strong character because it is not a typical character. I am not romancing or anything with anyone. It’s a very strong character, which has thrill, horror, beauty and beast”, Veena Malik said when asked.
Best of luck for Veena Malik, we hope she will be the most glamorous vampire to be seen in a horror film to date!